The designing department is concerned with providing all engineering and technical services and consultations related to the field of architectural and interior design, including plans, projections and perspectives that contain all the details of the project in order to achieve the implementation of our vision. We seek, as a specialized and experienced team, to create all that is distinct and modern in the field of interior design in terms of finding creative ideas and technical solutions using the latest technologies. In addition to project management, supervision of its implementation, and provision of all engineering and technical consultations on all projects.

It includes:

  • Architectural Design
  • Interior Design
  • Executive charts

The Building departement in Harmony seeks to implement all projects and design work according to: – Technical standards and specifications approved by the competent authorities. To provide guarantees that guarantee our customers to fulfill their requirements. The engineering department supervising the project provides: A complete study containing specifications and quantities. Accredited suppliers. Provide a specific timetable to start the implementation process.

It includes:

  • Building and construction works
  • Electromechanical works

Through the Supplying Department, we look forward to harnessing all the capabilities and experiences of our customers as the work team studies the needs of the facility and its demands in various areas and places and provide them taking into consideration the standard of quality and cost and in order to achieve the implementation of our vision. We offer a wide range of furniture that always keeps the original design in its finishing touch. We also have the best technicians and professional craftsmen as we guarantee to provide the best, which is based on highly skilled and experienced. We also supply the best international designs and brands in the field of furniture, accessories, and all project accessories due to our distribution right. The specialized team studies the site and the plans, and accordingly we submit several distinguished proposals and a sophisticated group of international and approved partnerships.

It includes:

  • Residential furniture
  • Hotel furniture
  • Office Furniture

The samples and building materials Deaprtment includes:

  • Samples for building materials
  • Samples for electrical work
  • Samples for sanitary wares
  • Samples for interior finishing materials
  • Samples for exterior finish materials

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