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Blue Hills
Our Brands

“Harmony Design” is an engineering brand that has been able to transcend the boundaries of excellence with creative ideas.Harmony for Architectural and Interior Design was able to reach the taste of its clients by presenting the art of design with it...

The Blue Hills group of companies is an extension of a long journey of successes for several decades, where the development of its business began in 2001 to work under a vision and main goals, which is the establishment and development of projects by...

Baitcom is part of the integrated system (blue hills group)  ... where baitcom was able to present itself as a specialist in the field of manufacturing and supplying luxury residential and office furniture, building fixtures, and carrying out all wor...

MAYD Air Conditioning Works has gained a distinguished reputation among air conditioning companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through its long experience in this field, the engineering competencies it has, and the accuracy in accomplishing the ai...