Blue Hills for Real Estate & Contracting

The Blue Hills group of companies is an extension of a long journey of successes for several decades, where the development of its business began in 2001 to work under a vision and main goals, which is the establishment and development of projects by adopting the highest standards and specifications that keep pace with the aspirations of our customers in various urban fields.

With God’s grace, being a leading company in the field of design, construction and equipment, as the (Blue Hills) group:

- We aim to keep pace with the development of architectural and interior design works, implement the latest construction methods, and present unique projects in terms of creativity, excellence, and with an integrated system.

- In our goals, we also seek to put the trust and needs of our partners and customers at the forefront of our priorities in order to meet the aspirations of the communities we serve and the environment in which they live.

Our Services
Building and Construction Department
Building and Construction Department

- Preparing executive construction plans and survey works of the project - Excavation and foundation works - Concrete Works - Construction Works

01 Building and Construction Department
Electromechanical Department
Electromechanical Department

- Preparing electrical drawings and shop drawings - Preparing mechanical drawings and shop drawings - Implementation of thermal and sound insulation works - Implementation of electromechanical installation works

01 Electromechanical Department
Finishing Department
Finishing Department

- Preparing drawings and shop drawings for interior and exterior designs. - Implementation of external and internal designs. - Linking the external and internal implementation with the related electromechanical installations. - All plaster and gypsum works. - Floors and murals - Wooden and metal decoration works and doors

03 Finishing Department
Supply Department
Supply Department

The samples department studies and supplies all project requirements: - Building materials - Sanitary materials, fixtures and accessories - Electrical materials and finishes - Flooring of all kinds (marble, porcelain, ceramic, parquet .... etc.) - General finishing equipment.

04 Supply Department



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